The Safe-T-Proof Way of Life

SAFE-T-PROOF is committed to providing the most advanced earthquake preparation and fastening technologies available - ensuring the safety and well-being of our families, clients, staff and friends. We realize the world is forever changing; natural disasters are continuing worldwide. If we, as a company and, more importantly, as human beings, can help in preparing people for a safer future, then we have done our job. It's the SAFE-T-PROOF way of life.


Humble beginnings...

SAFE-T-PROOF was founded in 1992 on the simple notion of protecting families from disaster related injuries and fatalities. With two babies at home and his wife at work, our founder and California resident Michael Essrig became frightened by the thought of an Earthquake affecting his family. Michael Essrig was very young when the 1971 Sylmar quake struck and he remembers barely escaping serious injury when a huge bookcase fell in his path. He decided the time was right to prepare his home.
He secured every piece of furniture in his house - installed safety latches on every cabinet and added an automatic gas shut-off valve. When he finished, he had peace of mind and that the idea of doing this for other people seemed to be a worthy and much needed service. He did his homework and – with a little encouragement from his friends – the company was born.
Slowly but surely, the business expanded from preparing homes to servicing businesses, schools and hospitals. All this hard work was put to the test on January 17, 1994. At 4:31 a.m. the ground shook and everything he had said and done was on the line. By the time the phones were back up, he knew he was in the right business. His phone began ringing off the hook with calls from clients thanking him for the preparations he had made. Everything he had fastened held and the emergency kits were a life saver.
However, he wasn’t quite ready for what came next. The media picked up Michael's story and the phone calls became overwhelming - 300 to 500 calls a day, seven days a week! People lined up around the block waiting to buy fasteners and emergency supplies from his garage! His house was converted into a showroom and business soared from there. These humble beginnings launched SAFE-T-PROOF into what it is today: The leading disaster preparedness company of its kind, with services and products used and sold worldwide.

Our Clients

Over the years, SAFE-T-PROOF has had the honor of serving hundreds of top-quality companies such as ARCO, AT&T, Boeing North America/Rocketdyne Division, USC, Cal-Tech University, Hewlett-Packard, MGM Studios, 20th Century Fox Studios, Walt Disney Studios, MCI WorldCom, NTT and Toshiba in Japan.
Dozens of California hospitals now use SAFE-T-PROOF, including City of Hope National Medical Center and Cedar’s Sinai.  SAFE-T-PROOF has been chosen widely in the life-science sector, with clients like Amgen, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson using our fasteners.  We have also developed good working relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies such as OSHPD, OSHA, OSA, FEMA and OES.
Most striking is that the USGS and the American Red Cross have trusted SAFE-T-PROOF for the securing of the contents of their own buildings!

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We ARE PROUD TO Now BE SECURING CANADA ONE SAFE-T-Proof fastener at a time!