Innovative Earthquake Fasteners & Seismic Straps
For All Environments


Commercial & Office

From computer displays and storage cabinets to heavy equipment and gas canisters, we have fastening options for nearly any commercial & office setting.

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Residential & Hotel

Our residential fasteners have you covered in the case of an earthquake, and can also be used to secure items you don’t want children to knock over!


Hospital & Lab

Protect your lab from losing expensive equipment and precious samples from earthquakes. We have you covered from large freezers to the printer.


Other Earthquake Supplies


Survival Kits

Survival kits make being prepared simple. Kits can include emergency drinking water, USB chargers and more.



Install and maintain your earthquake fasteners easier with our handy tools built for the job.


Bulk Items

For larger installations, we offer bulk earthquake straps and fasteners to make securing all items easy.